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Signature Coffee Blends That Invigorate the Senses

Coffee is our business. At Hyman Smith Coffee in DeWitt, New York, we take what we do very seriously because we want coffee connoisseurs like you to wake up to an unforgettable morning experience that'll put a skip in your step and get you ready to go. Start your day off right with one of our perfect signature coffee blends.

Espresso Coffee

Coffee Blends

Try one or try them all. The coffee varieties we offer include:

African Mountain

Made with the world-renowned Kenya Arabica beans, this variety is roasted darker than our Viennese Blend. It is similar in taste to the Viennese.

Gourmet Hotel Blend

Chosen coffees to compliment meals; these Arabicas are developed to a hearty, flavorful, aromatic, medium bodied, snappy, and slightly winey, rich flavor.

Breakfast Favorite

Try this unique combination of high-quality, rich, winey, aromatic Arabica beans specifically roasted medium and light. This roast tantalizes your discerning early morning taste buds to delicately begin your day.

Erie Canal Blend

A sophisticated blend of beans from Brazil, Indonesia and Kenya, our robust, flavorful Erie Canal Blend is low in acidity, and easy to enjoy throughout the day.

Viennese Blend

Viennese Blend is a lively blend of French and medium-roasted beans imparting a slightly European taste.

Mocha Java

For many years it has been a favorite of North Americans, a characteristically varied, aromatic mixture bringing forth a balanced, winey, and acidic flavor.

Italian Roast

The Italian roast is another organic blend that finds its self-portraying similar characteristics of that of our film fest organic. This blend tends to be a more aromatic slightly lighter acidity.

VIP Home Blend

This blend consists of specifically selected group of three balanced acidity beans that are individually roasted to different levels of color, delivering a subtle rich flavor full bodied cup for those desiring a mixture of choice, simplicity and aroma while simultaneously testing you to distinguish the various tastes.